These online clothing shops will help you find vintage treasures.

Learning about the best online vintage clothing shops is never a better time. Mixing vintage and high-street clothing will make your wardrobe more fashionable and sustainable over the long term.

Vintage shopping can be difficult. You could spend hours in a shop and leave with nothing. This is why online shopping is so convenient (especially since you don’t need to leave home).

Are vintage clothes stores more sustainable than shopping in regular clothing shops?

Vintage clothing is durable by its very nature. You’re fighting against fast fashion’s throw-away culture by practising circularity, giving old clothes new life and giving them a second chance.

It also depends on the era of the garment. It is possible to find items made in the 50s or 60s in mass production, but not in the same quantity as those from the 90s or 2000s. Non-sustainable fabrics like nylon and polyester became the mainstream fashion in the 20s and 50s.

These non-biodegradable fabrics can take years, if not decades, to completely break down. However, wearing them will ensure they don’t end up in landfills.

Claire John, founder and CEO of Denim Library, said she loves shopping for pre-loved clothing because it reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing.

It takes an average of 10,000 litres to make one pair of jeans. This is equivalent to 38 years of drinking water requirements for one person. Changing and being proud to wear pre-loved/vintage clothing is important.

Denim Library is thrilled to help customers get their first pair of Levi’s. We make them more affordable. Many of our customers desire to shop sustainably but are put off by the high price tag. Pre-loved is an excellent alternative.

How to locate vintage clothing online

Vintage shopping can be difficult, as we’ve already mentioned. Claire suggests that you shop at vintage shops with great returns policies. One of the difficulties of vintage shopping is the consistency in size.

Claire says that jeans, in particular, are often smaller. I always tell my customers not to fixate on “I’m always 10”. It doesn’t matter what size label it says. It’s about how it fits you and how it makes you feel. It is vital to have the chance to try on vintage clothes. A flexible return policy and exchange policy are key to customer confidence.


GANNI, a Danish cult brand, has launched a peer-to-peer resale site that allows you to access the pre-loved GANNI style you want to sell or buy. GANNI REPEAT was launched in 2019. It focuses on repairs and resale to create more circular solutions.

GANNI’s operating partner is Reflaunt, which uses its technology to facilitate the peer-to-peer marketplace that allows customers to sell and buy pre-loved GANNI items. Reflaunt’s technology allows sellers to set their prices quickly, and sellers can then choose whether they want to use their purchase credit or bank transfer for after their item has been sold.


Depop is one of the most popular resale marketplaces on the market. You may have already sold or bought your items there. It’s great for finding out about the best designer items and tracking down sell-outs. Vintage, streetwear and one-of-a-kind are the most popular Depop categories.

Depop’s most popular search term is Y2K. Between April 2020 and July 2020, searches for Y2K and ‘Noughties increased by more than +640%. Preppy clothing and wedding guest dresses increased in demand last summer due to the ending of lockdown and the Gossip Girl reboot.


He is an acronym for “hardly ever worn it” and is a wonderful little treasure for finding designer items in pristine condition. You will find hundreds of designer labels in the store, including Chanel, Loewe and Gucci. You can find handbags, clothing, and jewellery. The platform also allows you to sell your items.