Miu Miu

Many people don’t know that Miuccia Prada created the name Miu Miu using the family’s nickname. Prada was known for offering sophisticated, minimalistic and elegant designs to customers. Miu Miu, however, fell on the opposite end of the spectrum. Miu Miu’s fashion style was bold, rebellious and eclectic. People fell in love with it immediately. It was the brand that created couture, luxury and feminism. These concepts were not mainstream at the time. Its strategy, collections and photographs are all noteworthy. It was bold and true to its slogan. This brand continues to be a favourite among women.

Christian Louboutin

When you see a Louboutin, you will immediately recognize it. Louboutin’s fascinating story is that he accidentally created shoes. After being expelled from school, he took up multiple jobs. In the early 1980s, he became a freelance shoe designer. He started his label after a few years. After seeing his assistant’s nails turn red, he devised the idea for the red soles. They quickly gained popularity. Some had dangerously high heels. Louboutin is still one of the most expensive shoe brands in the world, despite all the counterfeiting issues and the legal battle against YVS over red soles.

Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik has been called the “holy man of heels”. Blahnik believes in the power and passion of heels and hand-makes them daily. His designs are unique, custom-made, and not mass-produced. He began his shoe-making journey in 1968 when he met Diana Vreeland, who was Vogue’s editor. In 1971, he presented his first collection of shoes and hadn’t stopped since. His creations were showcased on red carpets and in movies and TV shows by some of the most prominent names in Hollywood. Manolo Blahnik is the real deal!

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo’s loyal customer base is the largest and most elite among the brands, with everyone from Princess Diana to Carrie Bradshaw. Choo Yeang Keat, a Malaysian shoe designer, started Jimmy Choo. However, none of his other designs has been successful. His first venture was to design custom-made shoes. This idea spread like wildfire. In a matter of days, he was ‘the’ designer. Jimmy Choo’s work is still a fascination for all classes, from sneakers to pumps.

Walter Steiger

Walter Steiger, a Geneva-based designer, started his brand in 1932. He made shoes from unique materials and created off-beat designs for the time. Walter Steiger Jr, his elder son, took inspiration from his father to take over the family business. Walter Steiger Jr. opened a Paris boutique in 1974. It was a huge success. His success led him to open stores in New York, London, and Milan. Thanks to his traditional craftsmanship and unique techniques, Walter Steiger is a leader in made-to-measure luxury shoes for men and women.

Alexander Mcqueen

Alexander McQueen is a more modern luxury brand founded 25 years ago. McQueen’s eccentric designs made it very popular. Alexander McQueen began his career as a Givenchy designer and quickly rose to the position of chief designer. He started his brand, creating stuff unlike any other. It is often believed that you only need to have the same taste as Lady Gaga to be able to buy outrageous accessories. A pair of his shoes is all you need to be unique and well worth the investment.

Brian Atwood

“Freedom is in being bold” Brian Atwood founded his brand with this belief and believed there should be no compromises in everything you do. Brian Atwood was among the few designers hired directly by Versace Italy. After his successful stint, he decided to investigate this more. He started his own company in 2001, and it was a success. Versace gave him the job. He believed footwear was the most important part of an outfit. His brand has grown to be the most popular and a formidable contender in the luxury market.

Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman began his career designing shoes for his father’s Massachusetts shoe shop, ‘Seymour Shoes’. After a brief break, he returned to the family business to continue his education at Wharton School. His father’s death meant the company was quickly sold to a Spain-based company. He continued to design for the company for 20 years and purchased it again in 1994. His shoes quickly gained popularity and were a popular choice on red carpets. The most sought-after was the diamond studded and platinum shoes, which were more than a million bucks. His record for creating the most expensive shoes for women is 3 million dollars. His shoes are made from unique materials and are rare to find elsewhere. Coach took Stuart Weitzman over a few years back, but Weitzman remained the brand’s chief designer.

Louis Vuitton

It is a name that doesn’t need an introduction. The elite love the brand, not only for its handbags, luggage bags and accessories but also for shoes. Although the brand has been around for over 150 years, it continues to grow. Louis Vuitton, or LV, is a classic example of classy designs that offer a luxury outlook.


Gucci is an Italian brand from Florence and a staple of the elite. Gucci is well-known for its exceptional quality and exclusive design of luxury leather goods, including handbags, luggage and shoes. Guccio Gucci has carved a niche in the market by playing with details and using materials that aren’t commonly used. Gucci’s iconic Gucci loafers with the horse-bit detail were a huge hit and are still a highly sought-after shoe.