It can sometimes be challenging to find clothing, shoes, and accessories that are ethically aligned. Finding ethically-sounding clothing, shoes, and accessories is becoming more complex.

Because some fast fashion stores are calling their PLASTIC shoes vegan, I don’t care if they are vegan if they were made in sweatshops, guys. If you want to buy ethical shoes, here are my top 10 ethical shoe brands:

Ethical Shoes Australia

Allbirds, a New Zealand-based brand, leads the charge in sustainable design innovation. They are made with ZQ-Certified New Zealand Merino Wool. Allbirds use 40% less packaging than traditional shoes. They are certified by the B Corporation and partner with Soles4souls in creating sustainable jobs and relief through the distribution and distribution of footwear and clothing all over the globe.

Zette Shoes

Zette Shoes is the in-house brand of Vegan Style, a well-known cruelty-free store. Zette Shoes are made in Europe (Spain and Italy) using luxurious, cruelty-free materials. Each shoe style is named after a rescue pet they fostered at Vegan Style Headquarters.

Zette was founded in 2014 as a women’s brand. They now offer classic boots and shoes for men.


Veja has used B-Mesh, an eco-friendly material made entirely from plastic bottles, since 2015. Veja collaborates directly with Brazilian producers to create each Veja sneaker. Three old plastic bottles are used to produce a pair of sneakers.

Veja Shoes are available online and in a variety of shops around Australia.

Will’s Vegan Store

Since 2012, Wills Vegan Shoes has been an innovative vegan company that pioneered sustainable fashion and vegan clothing.

Wills Vegan Shoes doesn’t believe it is possible to help animals while also causing harm to humans and the environment. All animals are equal. Protecting all life is essential. The setting is our shared resource.

Wills Vegan Shoes uses vegan leather made with bio oil from organic cereal crops grown north of Europe. Most of their vegan shoes and accessories use vegan leather made from plants. It is durable, soft, breathable, and water-resistant.

Ethical Shoes Australia

BHAVA Studio believes that premium footwear does not require leather. They are and will continue to be animal-free. BHAVA Studio believes design should be compassionate and consider the environment, work conditions, and feet.


Alice + Whittles believes you can maintain style and function to live sustainably.

Alice + Whittle designs functional and elegant footwear collections.

Natural and recycled materials

We make functional and stylish footwear made from natural and recycled materials. This allows you to shop guilt-free but still have style.

Ethical Shoes Australia

ALOHAS sandals were handcrafted in Spain by skilled workers who received a fair wage. They are made from high-quality materials and use recycled tires for salts. These sandals meet the consumer’s needs for a durable and excellent product. The company wants to show the world that reclaimed materials can be used to produce high-quality products without causing any harm to the environment.

Ethical Shoes Australia

Twoobs, a Melbourne-based brand, was founded by Jess and Stef. Twoobs is animal-free, and the sisters are open about who made their shoes. You can learn more about the women and men who make Twoobs by visiting their China factories often and making sure they only work with ethical factories.

Ethical Shoes Australia

In 1984, the Grand Canyon was home to the original sport, sandal. A river guide used two Velcro watchbands and old flip-flops to keep sandals from floating downstream. Teva was born.

Teva believes in good business. Good business creates positive change in our communities, preserves the environment, and inspires future generations. Teva’s Corporate Responsibility Program encourages employees to see the broader impact of their actions on customers, communities, and the environment.

Ethical Shoes Australia

Radical Yes, a small-scale independent shoemaker, is constantly inspired when ethically creating products.

Radical Yes products are manufactured in China in a factory with policies to ensure the ethical production of the factory workers. Radical Yes changed its manufacturing process in 2018 due to low quantities. This is one of many challenges that ethical brands face when manufacturing. After extensive research, radical Yes was able to find the perfect partner for their business. Radical Yes chose a husband-and-wife team.