Fashion is an industry that changes constantly. Trends come and go. Fashion trends change from season to season, forcing designers to adapt their practices.

While most fashion is temporary, certain clothes and accessories are timeless. These cult classics have been worn since the beginning and never go out of style. Classic garments include a trench coat, striped tee shirt, black jumper, and jeans that fit well.

Pearl earrings are an excellent example of this.

Why wear pearl earrings

Pearl earrings are an elegant, timeless accessory worn for centuries. They add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

We explore the versatility of pearls by examining the best outfits for wearing pearl earrings.

Discover what pearl earrings look like as we discuss some styling tips.

Timeless and Elegant Accessory

Pearls were a popular choice for adornment throughout history and were given as gifts to Chinese royalty as early as 2300 BC. In ancient Rome, pearl jewelry was considered the ultimate status symbol, displaying wealth, power, and authority.

The popularity of natural pearls continued for centuries. When the crafted pearl was invented in the 19th century, a larger demographic could afford them. This iridescent item’s popularity is evident throughout fashion history. People have worn them for centuries.

Pearls are universally popular because of their simple design and non-fussy finishing. The pearls are a classic in any jewelry collection because they go with all outfits and look good on everyone. They have been worn by the rich and famous and the average man or woman on red carpets throughout history.

Majorica is passionate about pearls and will share some tips on accessing them best.

Wearing Pearl Earrings in Formal Outfits

Pearl earrings with studs are the perfect addition to formal or evening wear.

Pearl studs can be worn in a variety of ways. They are not as loud and do not draw attention to themselves. Pearl jewelry perfectly complements any formal outfit, whether wearing a little black dress, a beautiful evening gown, or a business suit. They add a stylish yet subtle touch without being overpowering.

These are perfect for formal events as they look elegant, intelligent, and neat. They can also add vintage glamour to full-length gowns.

A pearl accessory can be worn with any formal attire, from pencil skirts to business suits to cocktail dresses or full-length gowns. It will take you effortlessly from the office to the evening. Add a pair to your favorite clothing, necklace, or other accessories. They will enhance the look.

We recommend our Earrings LYRA 12mm for black dresses because of their simplicity and beauty. We recommend pearl drop earrings, such as Giselle Sterling, for longer, fancier dresses. These earrings look great with a spaghetti strap or shoulder dress, as they bring attention to the neckline and collarbone.

Pearl Stud Earrings: Casual Outfits

Pearl earrings and pearl necklaces are perfect for formal wear, but they can also be worn for a casual look. They can dress up casual outfits and add a special touch to uninspired or incomplete ones.

The refined look of a Pearl bracelet, or Pearl drop earrings, works well with casual, relaxed clothes like a summer dress with a leather jacket or paired with skinny jeans. These pieces create an unexpected and delightful clash that contrasts beautifully. They are perfect for those who need to follow the rules and have their style.

These look great with a gold or silver chain and add timeless appeal to a more contemporary or modern outfit. A pearl bracelet can give old t-shirts or jumpers new life. You can achieve this by layering stretch bracelets, such as our adjustable Serena bracelet that comes in various colors.

Pearl earrings are an excellent choice for any style, whether for a boho or classic look. They look fantastic and elegant. Pearl earrings and necklaces will suit any style.

Pearl Earrings: How to Choose the Right Pearl Earrings

While we’ve established that pearls are a timeless and versatile accessory -, it is essential to choose the type of jewelry which best matches your skin tone and facial features.

People with cool undertones are said to suit silver jewelry, while those with warm undertones would be better off with accessories in a golden color. We believe there are no fashion rules, but pearl earrings complement some people better than others.

Consider what you are trying to achieve with your look and outfit. Pearl drop earrings, for example, are more detailed and draw attention to the face and surrounding area. Plainer, smaller studs, though beautiful, are less noticeable.

The style and features of your face, as well as the shape and color of your face, will also influence your choice. When choosing pearl earrings, you should also consider your face color, clothes, and lifestyle.

It is essential to compare prices and look at the different jewelry styles before you buy.

Majorica – Helping you find the perfect pearl earrings

Majorica is a pearl lover with an extensive, diverse collection of pearl earrings. These include pearl studs, pearl drops, and pearl dangles.

We create pearl earrings that are beautiful and understated, from pink earrings to pearl studs and pearl chandelier earrings and pearls in black, white, and gold.

We are proud of our artistry and classic jewelry designed to last the test time. Our hand-made, flawless-looking pearls are manufactured with care. We have earrings for every style.

Pearls are the perfect way to express yourself. Browse the collection here.

What to wear with pearl earrings

What is the best way to wear pearl earrings

Choose earrings with a French hook if you want to keep it simple. Pearl earrings with diamonds or crystals will add a touch of glamour to your look. Pearl earrings go well with formal wear, such as a little black dress or a formal gown.

What colors go well with pearls

The white gold contrasts beautifully with the “cool” undertones of the pearls and makes them look brighter. The classic look of pearls is enhanced by white gold.

Are pearl earrings suitable for casual wear

Pearls can be worn in many styles and at any time. If you usually keep them hidden in the back of your drawer, it’s time to dig them out.

Are pearl studs classy

Pearls can be worn in many different styles and at all times. If you usually keep them hidden in the back of your drawer, it’s time to dig them out.