Grab a hat if you want to maximize comfort and focus while working out. Hats are useful for regulating body temperature and shielding athletes from the elements, regardless of the weather conditions. They also keep hair off the face.

Nike’s collection of caps, hats, and visors is designed to provide athletes with comfort in all weather conditions and during any activity. This guide will help you find the right hat for any workout.

Nike AeroBill tailwind running cap: Best for running

Wearing a lightweight, breathable hat made of sweat-wicking material is beneficial for runners on the road, Trail, or track. The Nike AeroBill Running Cap is a great choice.

The Nike AeroBill provides sweat-wicking comfort with its breathable technology.

The hat has multiple perforations, as well as a front cooling panel.

One-hand adjustable back closure

NikeCourt AeroBill Tennis Cap: Best for Tennis

To play with accuracy and precision, you need a clear view line. This means avoiding the glare of the sun and keeping your sweat out of the eyes. Tennis caps or visors that wick away sweat are a great way to do both.

The headband is absorbent and soft, which prevents sweat from dripping into your eyes.

Nike Dri Fit Technology to wick moisture away from the face and head

A stretchy fabric with an adjustable closure allows for a custom fit

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The Nike AeroBill Legacy 90 is the best for gym workouts.

The Nike AeroBill Legacy 91 Training Hat is a no-frills hat that will help you focus on your workouts.

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Lightweight Construction

Fabric that wicks sweat away from the face

Adjustable back closure for better fit and personalization

Best for golf: Nike Dri Fit ADV Classic99 perforated golf hat

Sun protection is essential on the golf course. Nike Dri-FIT ADV Classic 99 is designed to keep players cool and comfortable, allowing them to focus on their game while blocking UV and glare.

Nike Dri Fit ADV Technology to wick moisture

Stretchy, personalized fit with woven fabric

Side panels with perforations for increased airflow and breathability

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Best for Hiking: Nike Boonie Bucket Hat

A hat that offers full coverage and is breathable can be the hiking enthusiast’s best friend on the Trail. The Nike Boonie Bucket Hat is perfect for bright hikes with little tree cover. It has a wide brim that keeps the sun off your eyes.

360-degree Brim

Drawcord to hold the hat firmly in place

The fabric is lightweight and breathable, with embroidered eyelets that enhance airflow.

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The Nike Sportswear Fisherman Beanie is the best for skiing or snowboarding.

The Nike Sportswear Fisherman Beanie will keep you warm as you enjoy your favorite outdoor winter sports. This hat circulates heat to keep the head and ears warm in the cold.

Soft acrylic yarns for extra warmth and comfort

A cuff that can be adjusted for additional customization

Best for outdoor volleyball and softball: Nike Dri Fit Visor

The Nike Dri Fit Visor is a sweat-wicking and comfortable solution for athletes who play fast-paced outdoor sports, such as softball or beach volleyball, in warm weather.

Nike Dri Fit Technology helps sweat evaporate quicker from the face

Soft and absorbent sweatbands to prevent moisture from obstructing vision

Wide brims to protect players’ eyes from sunlight