Preppy clothing brands Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer was founded by Lilly, not knowing it would become a phenomenon and grow into something like this. Because she is from a resort area, she created a dress that was unique and matched her ideas. We were unaware that the world was home to a fashionable brand. Do you know what brands make you feel connected? It’s easy to tell when a Lilly is on your body. One, it’s the quality and two, the signature Lilly leaves that are hidden in each piece. Lilly Pulitzer has a variety of underlying colours, prints, and cut patterns. The defining element is pink. Although it’s a luxury brand, it has no recognizable characteristics. We all have at least one Lilly Pulitzer.

Vineyard Vines

It was amazing to see how Martha’s Vineyard influenced these brothers. They will soon walk out of their desk jobs and have a few drinks, and then they’ll get an idea. The brand is now the official style partner for the Kentucky Derby Polo team. Vineyard Vines offers fashionable, preppy clothing and accessories for children, men, and women. This style is for you if you love water, the sea, sand and sailing.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren was the first preppy brand and lost its way along the journey. But the new CEO is determined to make that right. The sub-brands made it confusing for customers. However, Polo by Ralph Lauren has a large customer base, and preppy fans will know this collection will add value to their wardrobe. They will also be wearing RL like a boss. If you’re looking for something preppy, Ralph Lauren is the right choice.


A classic Lacoste Polo shirt is the best way to start if you love preppy style. Lacoste’s preppy journey began in 1929 when tennis was still a new thing. A crocodile logo was placed on a T-shirt, and it became a symbol of preppy. Lacoste changed the way women wore polo neck T-shirts, dresses and slacks. We are eternally grateful!

J. Crew

J. Crew loves preppy but is very unassuming for many reasons. We don’t need to go into the details, but we know that Crew is preppy and very good at it. It has been through a lot, just like many brands. But every time it faltered, it bounced back with all its might. J. has a design focus on muted undertones and chambray with stripes. The Crew has a loyal customer base.

Marley Lilly

Marley Lilly is an online monogram and preppy shop unique in its genre. It is perfect for custom gifts. ML is different from other large names because of its affordable price. Preppy fashion has never been more accessible and enjoyable.

Escapada Living

“Escapada” means escape in Spanish. This is how the story of Escapada and its clothes are described. Escapada clothing is a lovely blend of tropical and sunkissed pieces. Its timeless silhouettes and classic charm have helped it grow into a global brand while still keeping its Southern roots (Charleston). Escapada Living is a preppy, stylish, fun, colourful and elegant brand.

The Lucky Knot

Having clothes you can take from the beach to dinner and back to the bar would be amazing. Lucky Knot caters to exactly that. The Lucky Knot houses a variety of preppy brands with a nautical theme. This is a major part of preppy clothing, and why many of us cannot get enough. It is expanding its online presence, even though it only has a limited physical presence in Virginia. Stop by or visit the online collection if you’re in the area.