Jewellery is more than just decoration. People have used jewelry for centuries to express their feelings, show appreciation, or reflect on the natural and cultural world around them. Australia’s most loved jewelry designs pay tribute to our beautiful country.

Inspired by the beauty of our environment, pieces that reflect this inspire us to celebrate and appreciate Australia’s natural beauty. Some jewelry designs are just ‘having a moment’ in Australia. They are perfect for updating your jewelry collection as you travel through 2023.

These 5 top jewelry designs are hot right now, regardless of whether it’s the material or the general style.


Since millennia ago, pearls have been used as jewelry. This is why they are timeless. Every jewelry collector will have pearl jewelry in their collection. We deeply love water in Australia, and pearls will always remind us of that.

For most of the 20th century, pearl jewelry was made with perfectly round pearls. They are similar in color. However, Australian jewelers now use pearls in more organic shapes with exciting colors.

The organically shaped pearls are a new take on the classic necklace popularized by Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn. Natural pearls have unique shapes that are both elegant and playful. They have modernized pearl jewelry, bringing the timeless trend into the 21st century.

Natural pearls come in a variety of colors and tones. The number and thickness of the nacre layers, as well as the species of oysters that are used to make pearls, will determine the colors. Nacre is an organic substance that oysters secrete to make oysters. Some pearls can also be dyed to produce more vivid colors.

The most affordable and commonly produced pearls, freshwater pearls, are available. Because of their versatility in shape and color, freshwater pearls are trendy among jewelry designers. Our freshwater pearl necklace features cultured pearls in various tones, from peach to mauve. It is a beautiful, young, and stunning result that evokes the beauty of being by the seaside.


Amulet jewelry was used as far back as Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed the symbols had meaning and could bring good luck and protection to the wearer.

These roots are often highlighted in modern amulet jewelry, which is also designed with an intentional meaning for the wearer. Australian jewelry enthusiasts usually wear large amulet-style jewelry pieces to make a statement. Because of their subtle nature, smaller and modern amulets are easier to incorporate into layered or stacked jewelry looks.

The Amulet Range contains sentiments of love, care, well wishes for luck, and protection. You’ll find the perfect piece for you, with details that reflect the night sky, the warmth and wisdom of the sun, deep love, and understanding.


Metal jewelry etched or stamped using patterns, motifs, or symbols is a popular design in Australian jewelry. We use this technique extensively in our new vintage jewelry and often can tell if something is Australian-made by the fauna or flora patterns.

This trend can be found in all types of jewelry, including pendant necklaces and bangles. Signet rings are a popular piece of jewelry that uses this design trend. Signet rings were initially used to seal documents and mark them. They have been transformed into a canvas for unique motifs and beautiful patterns.

The Wattle Solid Gold Signet Ring is one of our favorite signet ring designs. It features the leaves of the unique Australian wattle plant. It is made from solid 14ct gold, or 14K if you live in the USA.


Geometric shapes are trendy and hip in modern ways. These fun shapes can be dressed up or down to complete any outfit.

Consider what each piece of geometric jewelry might reveal about you when choosing the right part for your collection. For example, shapes with sharp angles or straight lines convey confidence and enthusiasm. While rounded shapes exude calmness and grace, they can also signify strength and stability.

Geometric pieces often combine straight lines with round curves to create fun and simple designs. Geometric jewelry has many forms, including half-circles, squares with rounded edges, and rainbow-shaped arches.

The Flora Half Pattern and Morganite Necklace feature a half-circle pendant finished with Australian flora designs and a beautiful pale pink Morganite stone.


The locket necklace is another piece of jewelry that is rich in history. This necklace allows you to keep your loved ones close and reminds you of them every day. A locket pendant can be filled with a picture of your loved ones, a small piece of love letters, or any other keepsake that will remind you of a special moment. Locket necklaces are made for people with big hearts. They will not go out of style if love is.

The Moon and Back Locket were created for those who want to be with their loved ones every hour of the day. The star and moon design is a reflection of the love that someone has for them. This sterling silver locket has a solid-gold setting and a glowing moonstone gem.


Each of these jewelry designs will grab your attention and capture your heart. It’s a great way to celebrate the positive things in your life by investing in jewelry that expresses your love for your family or home.